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Our Mission

To Help you profitably grow your business, achieve your business goals, and become a better leader.

What is Coaching?

Business coaches help business owners and their business leaders work strategically on their business to increase their personal and business effectiveness.

Is Coaching Right For Me?

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Our Coaching Approach

This information is designed to help you better understand our coaching methodology. Our coaching process is comprised of four essential stages. These stages include:

  1. Orientation
  2. Assessment
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Execution

The Orientation Stage


The goal of this stage is to clarify expectations and roles within the coaching relationship. This enables both the coach and the client to "get on the same page" in order to maximize results. During the first coaching session, clients should expect to:

  • Cleary define the working relationship with their coach (including but not limited to their specific coaching program, i.e. monthly investment, payment terms, time and location of meetings, mutual non-disclosure agreement, etc.)

  • Discuss expectations of the coach and client relationship

  • Understand the ACHIEVE Business Coaching philosophy and model (which embraces a holistic approach of coaching the owner and his/her business to achieve peak performance)

  • Review main reasons people don’t achieve their goals and dreams and the types of conversations/issues that may arise in the coaching relationship

  • Review the tools and strategies we provide our clients to help them build a better life/business

Time Requirement:

  • 1 coaching session (75 minutes)


The Assessment Stage


As a doctor wouldn't recommend treatment without first conducting a proper diagnosis, the Assessment Stage allows us to "look under the hood" of your business and better understand its strengths and weaknesses. Through the use of state-of-the-art personality assessments and business diagnostic tools, we help you gain insight into your current reality and identify areas of improvement. During this phase, we also engage in high-level conversations designed to surface your top priorities, both personally and professionally, i.e. your “end game.”

The Assessment Stage begins immediately after the first session described in the Orientation Stage, with "homework" assigned for the owner to complete.

Time requirement:

  • 2-3 coaching sessions (up to 75 minutes each)
  • 2-4 hours of owner assigned homework

The Planning Stage


Based on the results of the assessments described above, we work with you to craft a 12-month business development plan. This plan focuses on your goals for the business and the areas of improvement that are determined to be most urgent. In order to focus our efforts further, the most critical strategic priorities are identified in a 90-Day Action Plan that forms the basis of our work together.

Time requirement:

  • 2-3 coaching sessions (up to 75 minutes each)
  • 2-4 hours of owner assigned homework

The Execution Stage


With a strategic action plan in hand, client and coach enter the Execution Stage with the goal of completing the initiatives and goals identified in the Planning Stage. Action steps are taken, measured, and adjusted accordingly in order to maximize positive impact on you and your company. Your coach meets with you on a regular basis to review the steps you have taken, keep you focused on the big picture, and help you identify the “next steps” in the process.

We are convinced that lasting change for you and your business take place over the long-term. As such, you should anticipate a coaching regimen of at least 12 months or more based on a weekly coaching program (although you are never locked in to a long-term contract). Our goal is that you will not “need us” eventually, but that you will always “want us” on your team because of the value we bring to the table.

Time requirement:

  • Regular coaching sessions (up to 75 minutes each; frequency depends on the coaching program you choose)
  • Action steps taken by owner (“homework”) to be determined during each coaching session



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